Volume I, Issue 3, Page 62


2006 couldn't have had a worse start for Nitro Coupe racer Randy Adler of Tinley Park, IL.  He lost his '57 Chevy Nitro Coupe during the season's first event, a car which had won Randy him a world championship in 2004 and a runner-up last year in the 2005 Mickey Thompson Nitro Coupe Challenge. 

Adler and his "A-Team" racing team had an ace in the hole, though.  They had already ordered a 2006 Pontiac GTO Nitro Coupe to continue their chase for another world championship.

Adler's dream came true October 20 in Gainesville at the Super Chevy banquet as he was crowned the 2006 Nitro Coupe World Champion.

Adler and his team brushed aside the problems that normally come with a new race car and roared to a landslide season points win over Tony "Sandman" Williams of Tennessee, who will have the number "2" on his Nitro Coupe for 2007.

Adler's dominance of the Nitro Coupe class was evidenced by his being awarded the "Driver of the Year" Award while crew chief Rob Adler was named the Nitro Coupe crew chief of the year.

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