Volume III, Issue 2, Page 1
Daniel Clothier also had a wild ride in his KB-powered ’57 Holden and eventually brought it straight.

[Ed. note: These are results for just the Chevrolets. For a look at the entire event, click here! >> ]

The recent ANDRA Summernationals at Western Sydney International Raceway revealed some of the most incredible Top Doorslammer action ever seen in Australia. Three drivers ran in the ‘5s and seven of the eight qualifiers ripped a 6.07 or better.

In the second qualifying round, Deno Brijeski got to the top of the ladder after cranking out his first five-second time (5.956). However, he had a bunch of trouble pulling it up and went through the sand pit and straight through into the net on the other side.

Brijeski’s ’67 Camaro look haggard as it was being towed back from the sand pit. When Brijeski was interviewed on the starting line, he made it quite clear how pleased he was by throwing a few colourful words on a stunned commentator. John Zappia, in his steel HQ Holden, had crept into the six-oh’s (6.096), but showed his fine handling skills as the motor uncharacteristically oiled the braking area and sent him sideways.

In the final session, Maurice Fabietti stepped up with a 6.171 while Steve Stanic, in another ’67 Camaro, climbed from seventh to sixth with a 6.072.

Come Saturday evening Brijeski was dozing, cutting a .360 light that wasted his stellar 5.991 elapsed time. The fast-fleeing Fabietti won the round with a 6.10/237.88.

The last race of the round put John Zappia’s HQ against Stanic’s Camaro. The two almost left dead even but as they jammed down the West Sydney blacktop, Zappia pulled away with low ET of the bracket (5.951) at 239.14 turning back Stanic’s 6.028. The semis featured two lopsided races. Brett Stevens suffered tire-shake in his race with Zappia, who clocked a 5.999 to take the win. Ben Bray’s GTO clumped up and slowed way down to a 9.63, obviously no match for Fabietti who ran his best-ever with a 6.037.