Volume III, Issue 2, Page 4

Chevy Dominates Sportsman Classes at Phoenix

The class runoff in A/SA automatic was between Doug Lambeck’s yellow Yenko clone and Dale Howard’s orange Camaro. Lambeck’s ‘69 ran a 10.27 to qualify. Howard pulled out a 10.18. Lambeck eventually took class.

Once again the Bow-Tie brigade dominated the sportsman classes at the NHRA national event at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix Feb.22-25. In eliminations, there were nine Chevys and one Ford-- but the Ford was Chevy-powered! Photographer Tim Marshall sent us the following wheels-up, tire burning, MaxChevy action.

SS final All Chevy Jimmy DeFrank’s Cobalt far side wins over Gary McGlasson.

Super Stock Eliminator Final Round

Jimmy DeFrank, Cobalt, 8.903, 145.91 def. Gary McGlasson, Camaro, 10.041, 128.82.

Stock Eliminator

Toby Lang, Chevelle, 11.707/111.18 def. Bobby DeArmond, Camaro, foul.

Super Comp

Steve Williams, Dragster, 8.927/180.24 def. Ken Mostowich, Cavalier, 8.910/175.89.

Super Gas final showed Brad Pierce’ Corvette winning over Tommy Turner (Naples, FL).

Super Gas Eliminator Final Round

Brad Pierce, Corvette, 9.933/142.79 over Tommy Turner’s Corvette, 9.948, 153.18.

Jimmy DeFrank doing double-duty driving in the family Camaro defeated Mary Ann Method’s Nova.


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