Volume III, Issue 4, Page 31

Jim Bassett out of Camarillo had this bad-ass Camaro built at Bones Fabrication and stuck a Vortec-huffed Kenny Duttweiler-built little-block in it. Wicked.


They're out in force

James Drew combed the ranks at of Goodguys at Del Mar this past weekend. It sure feels like spring, doesn’t it? By the looks of things here, the recession hasn’t got a clue. Discretionary income? You bet! When hot rods must be fed, they will be. 

Long live the big B-body. Unusual flame/paint makes this hardtop stand out.

Coopster ‘66 ‘Vette looks like it slithers pretty good. An LS7, 4L65E 5-speed automatic, Budniks, and thoroughly revamped suspension make it a toughie.