Volume III, Issue 5, Page 28
Steve Kirk Jr’s iconic split-window ’63 ‘Vette is powered by an 800 cubic inch nitrous-fed, Gene Fulton-built “Rat motor” using the revolutionary five-inch bore center block and Fulton-designed heads. Kirk set Top Speed and Low ET of the meet at 4.266/176.12.

Words by Jeff Burk - Photos courtesy ADRL Communications - 05/15/08

he American Drag Racing League’s Extreme 10.5 class is a no-holds-barred, run-what–ya-brung doorslammer class with its roots in the street-legal, ten-inch wide tire doorslammer racing that originated in the Southern states. When the class originated it was populated with back-halved Chevy II’s, Novas, 1960’s and 70’s Chevelles, and Impalas racing on slicks or treaded tires with a maximum of ten inches of tread, with working lights, doors, radios and were often licensed for street use. 

The class has morphed. They still have working lights and doors, but they are no longer even thinly disguised street cars. They now have tube frames, 900-inch nitrous motors and 600-inch blower motors, tires that have closer to 12 inches of tread than ten. And as for driving these on the street, well, maybe in certain parts of New Jersey but not likely.

Doug Horween’s red ’68 is typical of the supercharged Camaros seen on this circuit. This car is powered by a supercharged 526-inch rat with a Darren Mayer Kobleco supercharger.