Volume III, Issue 8, Page 29

APBA boats at Long Beach

We visited the APBA boat race going on at the Long Beach (Calif.) Marine Stadium (which was built for rowing competition at the 1932 Olympics). From 1958 to the early 1970’s you could see drag boats race there too, but the homeowners decided that Top Fuel and all the other drag boats were just too loud to keep racing.

Now, once a year they have a circle boat race put on called the Long Beach Sprints.

Racing four-wide in the Super Stock class.

Grand National racer Skip Tuttle from Antioch, Calif.

Wayne Herbert drove the Ghost of Coldfire boat that held the APBA championship in 1971-74. The engine was built by Wilton. Love that old-school Hilborn hat.

We found a lot of Chevy engines being used in the blown class of K boats and Stock and Super Stock racing boats, as well as a few in the Cracker Box class which have the engines mid ship and a pilot and throttle man controling the throttle as the boats fly out of the water.