Volume III, Issue 8, Page 32

When you say Houston, Texas, in August and you don’t immediately think “hot and steamy’, you have never been there in August. Hot and steamy is exactly what it was Saturday, Aug. 8, as the Texas Outlaw Pro Mods, Texas Pro Stock Association and the S&S Racing Series rolled into Houston Motorsports Park. When the action started on track around 5 p.m. the thermometer was topping 96 with a heat index of 105. Regardless, the stands were packed with fans and the action on track quickly became hotter than the air temp.

Pro Mod

Nine entries were on hand to fill the eight-car ladder. The field was set by two qualifying sessions and the highlight of the first session had to be an off-the-trailer 3.99 at 177.24 mph for Frankie “The Mad Man” Taylor in the Royce Homes Corvette. The yellow beast may look a little long in the tooth, but Frankie made it clear he had a hot rod this evening.

No one else in either session broke into the three-second zone, but current series point leader, Ken Thomas, served notice that he came to play as well, carding a straight and true 4.01 at 181.60 mph that was good for top speed of qualifying. The field was anchored by Howard Brown at a 4.54/160.09 in the wild, blown, green ‘68 Camaro (lead photo).

Final Qualifying
#1 Frankie Taylor        3.995 @ 177.24
#2 Ken Thomas          4.018 @ 181.60
#3 Mike Bell                 4.074 @ 179.78
#4 Gaylen Smith         4.084 @ 173.48
#5 Chris Smith           4.106 @ 178.43
#6 Doug Riesterer     4.115 @ 179.93
#7 Kirk Wilmer            4.217 @ 173.34
#8 Howard Brown      4.541 @ 160.09
#9 Greg Pizzino          4.678 @ 157.51

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