WCHRA at Bakersfield, California

The West Coast Hot Rod Association rolled into AAA Auto Club Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield, Calif., for the Sept. 26-27 SCE GASKETS Inc. West Coast Finals.

With the Pro Street championship on the line between Clint Hairston and Randy Walker, every point would count and none of the racers were backing down at this event. Despite the hot track temps, there were some quick times, crazy speeds and some serious tire shake. Unfortunately, the Hairston team was a victim of this; in round 3 the GTO suffered severe tire shake and sheared the wheel studs off the left rear causing the wheel and tire to leave the vehicle and tear up the body in the process. The Hairston team had been holding a 26-point lead going into the final event but would need an early loss by the Walker team to hold onto the championship. That didn’t happen.

Randy Walker’s El Camino qualified second with a 6.350 at 220.37 mph. In the first round the ‘68 Camaro of Allen Bessant went against Randy Walker, who needed the round win to have a chance at the championship. Bessant was away too quick with a -.082 redlight and Walker made another nice run, clocking a (.090) 6.395 at 220.42. Walker advanced to the semis still six points behind Clint Hairston.

In the final it was Randy Walker away first .047 to Henry’s .070. At half track Walker had a car length lead on the Con-Quest Firebird, but shortly after the El Camino moved around a bit giving up the advantage that seemed to be the difference in the race, and when the boards flashed it was Tim Henry getting the win over Randy Walker 6.441/218.39 to 6.581/216.86. Walker’s consolation was that his second-round win had clinched the 2009 Pro Street championship.