Adam Keir (far lane) gets the Stock win over Gene Jordan.

IHRA Champion Systems Sportsman Nationals at Richmond

Imagine one of your high school daydreams. It’s a boring English class on a sunny afternoon in late May. In your mind, you’ve entered at your first national drag racing event, racing a brand new car that you built with your dad. You qualify well and in elimination, you mow down every grizzled veteran driver who dares to line up against you. You win the race and collect the champion’s trophy. Oh, and by the way, your new car wins “Best Engineered.”

Adam and Ken Keir

Too bad that this couldn’t happen for Adam Keir. He had to wait until his second race, the IHRA Champion Systems Sportsman Nationals at Virginia’s Richmond Dragway on May 31.

Yes, this seventeen-year-old high school student from Owings, Maryland, took top honors in Stock in only his second drag race. And the car that he and his father just finished -- a beautiful orange ‘70 Nova -- earned the engineering award.

Now it has to be admitted that Adam has raced junior dragsters for nearly 10 years and his dad is Ken Keir, who runs a well-known race shop. But that doesn’t take away from his achievement. He beat the best and earned an Ironman in his second race in a full-sized car.