Chevrolet is the brand of choice for most of the racers in the NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Drag Racing Series. In fact, only six of the 24 competitors vying for the 16-car field at Houston Raceway Park on April 11 did not sport the beloved Bowtie.

The final round.  (Joe McHugh photo)
Danny Rowe was the repeat Pro Mod winner at Houston.  (Joe McHugh photo)

Danny Rowe powered his 1968 supercharged Camaro to a 5.936-second run at 248.93 mph, just enough to get past Melanie Troxel in her ’63 Corvette and earn his first win in the series’ first season as an official NHRA pro class. Rowe won last season at Houston Raceway Park in the Pro Mod exhibition series.

It wasn’t any easy win, by any means for Rowe. He drove past Pro Mod drivers Chip King (Dodge Daytona), Mike Castellana, Joe Baker (Pontiac Firebird), and Troxel in the final round to earn the win.

Jimmy Rector [crew chief] and the Sterling Bridge ’68 Camaro Pro Mod shined all weekend with consistent low 5.9-second laps in eliminations after qualifying No. 3 in the stout 16-car field with a 5.864 at 249.35 mph.

Danny Rowe  (Ron Lewis photo)

“I just couldn’t be more impressed with this Sterling Bridge team,” said Rowe from the winner’s circle at Houston Raceway Park. “As always, it takes a team effort to come out here and win at this level of competition and I couldn’t be happier to be taking a NHRA Wally [winner’s trophy] back home with me. We had a little luck on our side, that’s for sure, but I think you basically have to when you’re racing against the caliber of cars and teams that we have out here.

“You look at the qualifying sheets and it’s mind-blowing; the cars out here are the best in the world and the competition is insane. Every Pro Mod that rolled through the gates here in Houston is capable of winning – they’re all championship contenders.”