Great Lakes Funny Car Circuit opens season

The Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit headed to Kil-Kare Dragway in Xenia, Ohio, for the first event for the season. This was an eight-car show on May 15 headlining the GLNFCC.

The first pair out was the “Solid Rock” 1971 Mustang taking on Shaun McHattie’s “Blown Money” ‘69 Nova (shown). Both cars put out some good smoky burnouts and Rocky Ausec tried his hand at a few dry hops. Once the tree was lit the Nova took off first but shortly after that one of his chutes deployed. Ausec’s Mustang took the win but the Nova still ran a respectable 4.81 with the chute out the whole run.

Second pair out was the “Snakebite” ‘79 Mustang and the “Old & Fuelish” ‘78 Corvette (shown). As usual John DeCort in the Corvette did a killer burnout. Mike Klontz in the “Snakebite” was off the starting line first but shortly became sideways several times. The Corvette took the win.

Next up was a pair of Hemi’s. Lance Good in the “Sharkeys Machine” Omni sporting new graphics for the season, taking on the Horvath family’s “Damn Yankee” Vega. Both cars left hard and made great runs. The Vega took the win with a 4.55/154 to a 4.77/135.

Last pair was Jerry Streb in the “Dazed & Confused” ‘69 Camaro taking on a new member, Monty Stotz also in a ’69 Camaro, the “Blue Thunder” (shown). Monty was at this race as a fill-in and when the “Detroit Thunder” could not make the call the “Blue Thunder” car stepped up. Both cars took off for the burnout with the “Dazed & Confused” Camaro just filling the track with tire smoke, but the car shut off during the burnout and would not start so the Blue Thunder made a single run.

Second round came under the lights. First pair was “Snakebite” taking on “Sharkeys Machine”. Lance knew he would have to have the Omni running strong if he expected to beat the bigger cubic inch Mustang. Lance was trying hard and turned on the red light, but that was the least of his worries. Somewhere about halftrack the Omni was all over the track. As it seem to settle down the car took a hard right taking out a few blocks and just narrowly missing the “Snakebite” car.

Second pair was the “Old & Fuelish” Corvette taking on the “Solid Rock” Mustang. Again the guys put down two powerful burnouts. The Corvette was out first on the Mustang but appeared to have some mechanical problems as it slowed at half-track. The Mustang took the win.

Last pair up was the “Blown Money” Nova and the “Damn Yankee” Vega. Both cars did short burnouts with the Nova trying a few dry hops. The small block Nova took off first and held on the best he could 4.64 at 148 mph, but the Hemi-powered Vega caught him at the stripe, 4.589/157.

The “Blue Thunder” Camaro made a single to close out the show.