Mecum Auction in Kansas City: Great for Chevy fans and buyers

Words and photos by Jeff Burk

This Impala had a 409, four-speed and no reserve!

Having never before attended one of the major car auctions, the Max Chevy staff was glad to accept an invitation to attend the Mecum Auction held in the downtown Kansas City, MO Convention Center this past November.

We arrived on Friday and my first impression was that I had just walked into a hell of an indoor car show. I was impressed with the set-up of the auction; from the neon rich dais where the auctioneers held court, to the manufacturer’s row, to the bleacher seating with an adjacent full service adult beverage stop.

I sat for a couple of hours watching and listened to the auctioneers work the crowd as various cool Chevys came across the auction stage. I also managed to walk around the floor looking at Chevys that had or were going to be auctioned, wishing I had the cash to participate. I suspect that many of the folks who paid the $10 admission fee just to get in and watch felt the same.

It was an enjoyable way for a gearhead to spend a fall afternoon surrounded by a lot of pristine (and not so pristine) Chevy cars, fans, and collectors. I’d recommend that every gearhead attend at least one of these auctions, if for no other reason than to be filled with regret because you didn’t take care of your ‘60s muscle car when you had it.

So if you couldn’t attend, here is a photo extra from Max Chevy to acquaint you with the Chevys of the 2012 Kansas City Mecum Auction.