Corvette Racing survived two hours of close combat to
finish second and fifth in the American Le Mans Series
at Long Beach, Calif., on April 16. Jan Magnussen
and Oliver Gavin took the second spot on the GT
podium in the No. 4 Compuware Corvette C6.R when
the race finished under caution. Tommy Milner and
Olivier Beretta fought their way from the back of the
grid at the start to fifth at the finish in the No. 3 Compuware Corvette C6.R.

The BMW of Dirk Mueller and Joey Hand was first across the
stripe under the yellow flag.

Not even the notorious Los Angeles rush hour could rival
the traffic on the historic 1.968-mile, 11-turn temporary
course. With 29 starters on the concrete-lined circuit, close
calls and contact were commonplace, although only two
full-course cautions slowed the race. Gavin started the No. 4
Corvette second on the GT grid and held that position through the opening segment, which was interrupted by a lengthy full-course caution. When racing resumed he took the lead with an opportunistic move.

"I had a very eventful stint with lots of bumping and banging and cars spinning in strange places," Gavin said. "The start was pretty standard, everyone got a
bit strung out, and then the LMPC cars were getting in the way. It all
started when the BMW behind me disappeared. On the next lap he was
turned around at the fountain turn! The race leader went the wrong way,
I went the right way, and I got myself into the lead."

Hand's BMW and Patrick Long's Porsche subsequently got around
the Corvette, but Long soon encountered the wall and the Porsche
eventually retired. As green-flag pit stops began shortly after the
one-hour mark, Gavin handed off the No. 4 Corvette to

"I was pushing absolutely as hard as I could, and I was cutting the
margin," said Magnussen, who ran the fastest lap of the race in
GT and trimmed the BMW's lead to six seconds before the
race-ending caution period. "There was a lot of traffic, and
in a race like this you have to take so many chances. After
the race I had a walk around the car and looked at all the
places where I'd tapped the walls. It's a shame we weren't
closer at the finish, we could have had a good fight."