Classical Gassers

One the classes of “Nostalgia” cars that the staff at Max Chevy just can’t get enough of are Chevy-powered gassers. And we get especially excited when we see supercharged or injected Chevy-powered gassers jacked way up and with a straight axle under it. It’s hard to explain the attraction of the cars to someone who has never seen one but after the first look most gearheads are hooked.

While on a visit to a great nostalgic track, Marion County International Raceway in LaRue, Ohio, to cover the annual nostalgia Funny Car event the track hosts we were delighted to see that in addition to the floppers there was a contingent of nostalgia-style gas coupes and sedans on hand. There were quite a few of them but the ones that got our attention were the two small-block-powered 1955-56 shoeboxes and the orange Chevy II with the Can-Am style injection stacks. We were unable to get the names and other information on these cars so our apologies in advance for that.

The “Rotten Orange” Chevy II (apparently driven by Johnny Rotten himself according to the name on the door) is just too cool. Orange paint, orange-tinted windows all round and Can-Am style stack with the tips orange anodized. We think it's rat-motored but we’re not sure.

This nice ‘56 goes by the name “Haulin’ Ass.”  We’ve seen pics of this car doing giant wheelstands. Especially like the Moon tank up front.