Volume I, Issue 2, Page 27

The preservation of classic American iron is the primary goal of Goodmark Industries.  With sheet metal replacement panels for a plethora of vintage machines, including the popular ’69 Camaro, no old car should be considered “too far gone” to restore.  Coupled with The Installation Center, virtually any rusted out hulk can be worked back into shape, just like this orange and white beauty that adorned the Goodmark booth at a recent trade show.

Things are better today for Chevrolet muscle car owners than ever before. It wasn’t all that many years ago that people had to scrounge around in junkyards or talk to person after person to track down the parts they needed for their restoration. For the most part today, all you have to do is spend a few minutes on the phone and parts will be sitting on your doorstep a few days later. While this may take some of the excitement out of the “chase” of building a car, there is plenty of other fun to be had.

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If this neatly laid out array of black sheet metal looks familiar it’s because all that’s missing is the subframe floor pan and A-pillars for it to be a complete 1969 Camaro.  Intended to show that virtually every part of the car that can rot away can also be replaced, what it does for classic car fans is provide confidence that nothing is too far-gone for it to be brought back to life.  FYI, the floorboards are available, too.

Years ago, collectors searched and gobbled up good cars because they were easy to restore or they were “survivors” that needed very little. As the years have gone by the totally original, rare market started drying up or got too costly for many of the people who aspired to be collector car owners. Today’s focus seems to be on cars that are old, cool, safe and fun to drive. Originality isn’t as important as it once was to many collectors.

A car in this state of decay was once considered a prime candidate for the crusher.  Hold off EPA, these classics will no longer be sitting ducks for you to target.  Instead, with companies such as The Installation Center and Goodmark Industries, you will be banking on originals like these to increase in value and better the stock market as a sure-fire investment.

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