Volume II, Issue 3, Page 20

Chevy’s Impala SS For NASCAR

GM Safety Advances For The COT

NASCAR has become a car manufacturer. Well, not in the strictest sense of having factories churning out production autos for daily use. But its Car of Tomorrow (COT) specifications are so specific and rigorous, that they have made the major participating auto manufacturers’ teams build inside a design “box” that has minimal visual clues to what is on the showroom floors. The COT is a NASCAR-influenced car heretofore unimaginable, not an auto manufacturer-influenced one.

I editorialize about the pluses and minuses of that elsewhere in this issue of MaxChevy. But as the Cup teams say in recognition (and resignation) about a NASCAR mandate: it is what it is. On the up side of the COT, it has some design characteristics that are beneficial for driver safety and have auto factory support and data to back them up.

GM Racing’s research in racing safety and its data acquired over the past 15 years contributed mightily to some of the COT’s safety advances. They are highlighted here in the new Chevrolet Impala SS that goes on track at the Bristol Cup race later this month; note that they are incorporated in all the competing brands.