Volume II, Issue 7, Page 34
American Super Car moves the cab forward, flays the fenders, and installs the floor and wheel tubs

In June, we hipped you to this insanely beautiful mid-engine ’63 Corvette concept. When it first hit the chat rooms a few months ago (via the wonderfully nutty www.jalopnik.com), people scoffed, called it a Corvair, a morphed model car (which it was), and then copped to the coolness of the idea. But would it ever be anything more than a lump of whalebone?

Since our last visit to American Super Car (www.americansupercarinc.com)
we’ve seen big changes. With the chassis complete, the suspension nearly so, the engine/transaxle mocked-up, and the body sectioned in anticipation of the cab-forward move, we find the ASC crew moving the cab, thrashing the floors in, erecting the firewall, building the wheels tubs, and stretching and puffing out the fenders. SEMA visitors will find the obsidian black V7 TwinTurbo in the Meguiars booth, adjacent to GM’s forty acre plot in the middle of the show floor. American Super Car, Inc. is not affiliated with any other company. See you next month.

Fenders formed from foam illustrate the dramatic flares and critical air inlets. ASC will reinstall the OE headlight buckets.

Generous spine runs the length of the car and strategically placed openings ensure cool incoming air for the engine compartment.

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