Volume III, Issue 1, Page 27

The Nope Nova on another 7.6-second pass. Irwindale Speedway’s sticky starting line produces 1.6-second 60-foot times. Note distortion of the stock mono-leaf spring.

It seems the average guy building a street-runner most often thinks that a big roller cam, wazoo aluminum heads, EFI, digital this or that, a blower or turbos, steep gears and an overdrive transmission are the be-all quantities for such an argued-about form.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Wouldn’t we would all love to have the no-boundaries budget to build one that way? Well, most of us can’t, so we do it the old way by finding a combo that works. Dale Snoke is one of those guys whose combo works, and works amazingly well.

The sleepy-looking but stout 406-incher is partially hidden by the air intake system covering the Holley mounted on a GM Performance Parts intake manifold (similar to a Performer RPM). The ram air is definitely worth some ET and MPH at the track. Cast iron Vortec Bow Tie big-port heads look like stockers but perform admirably.

Dale, who spends his regular business hours building altered wheelbase 60’s- style Funny Cars and Gassers at The Funny Car Farm in Monrovia, CA, has owned his ’66 red rascal Nova for more than12 years and it has used the same small-block for most of that time.

To see and hear the engine you would expect the Nova to be a mid-to-low 13-second car, what with its teeny 1 ½-inch primaries, 2 ¼-inch exhaust system with nice quiet mufflers, and painted steel wheels with dog dish caps. Surprise, dunderheads!  Dale’s sedate little red runner has carded a best of 12.12 at 114 mph without any of those things you must have to go fast. And it does it with 3.08 gears on a measly 235/60 tire!

Inside it’s quiet and comfortable. Seats are from an import and offer good support on those long family drives. Neat owner-built console houses Auto Meter gauges.

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