Volume III, Issue 12, Page 40

“The Corvette is an American icon with world-class credentials,” said Ed Peper, Chevrolet general manager. “It’s the car we all aspire to own and the 2009 edition, with more choices and features, only amplifies that craving.”

Well said, Ed, but we know that you are really talking about imagery, a daydream shared by untold millions of us American boys (and girls), everyone from wannabe club racers, to pure enthusiasts to middle-aged dorks overcompensating for no chest hair, bad tattoos, failed marriage(s), and most likely a slick, shiny pate and a fat belly. Stick-shift is anathema to these guys. They only want to be seen, ensconced in a badge that has always been perceived (especially by dudes their age) as one of the great manhood extenders of modern history.

Too bad most of us will never have a new C6 in our garage, a feel-good scooter that has zero practicality and a “trunk” that won’t hold nearly enough ego but has a very high visibility quotient, simply because of what it is. It shines, though, can only provide quick times, a tremendous feeling of well-being, and it might even make you think you’re someone special.