Volume III, Issue 3, Page 42

As the GTO (nee Monaro) emerged a few years ago, it exemplified the fertility of the Australian auto maker Holden (kith and kin to the General). It was but one of a gaggle of V8-powered, rear-wheel drive sedans, the kind of sedans that Chevrolet needs to making. Clearly, they are still plagued by a paucity of rear-wheel drive applications. Put on your dream cap, kick back, and picture these dudes with a Bow Tie on the grille. Then picture them wasting you out on the blacktop.

We have weapons, but damn few of them in comparison. The Corvette is mighty, yes, but quite exclusive. The Ecotec-powered Cobalt SS has quietly exchanged its roots-type blower for an intercooled 2.0L turbocharged variant and the General has even big plans for this scooter. Finally, the really bright spot, the Pontiac rear-drive G8 GT, a V8-pushed sedan hot on the scent of its Australian dive bomber siblings.

To qualify, what issues from Holden in an entire year would equal a heinous sales month in Detroit. Though it would seem the Australians would be bound by much more conservative products, it is testament that the market for so many variations is strong. Sales in the Middle East are hefty. Gasoline is not the “problem” there that it is here. On our side, the hope is that once the Camaro joins the G8, the General will become a lot more liberal with the 90-degree differential. We’ll begin this teaser with the Holden war chest and end it with a paradox.

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