Volume III, Issue 3, Page 40

My name is Richard Crooker and I built this odd- looking Nova sorta truck. It took about three years of cutting and fabricating assorted things…and my goal was hopefully not have it look like a backyard creation but to look like GM had done it. You know, if just a few car enthusiasts think it looks OK, then I feel that I have succeeded.

This vehicle started out as a '66 Nova 4-door wagon with major roof damage.

Now, it looks like it could have been a vehicle offered by Chevy. A long-winded boring description of the modifications would surely put you to sleep, so here are the highlights:

I whacked the entire roof, including all pillars above the dash and tossed the front doors as well. I modified a pair of 2-door sedan doors to duplicate the El Camino B-pillars and I replaced front upper cowl.

I took the A-pillars and part of the roof from '67 Nova 2-door sedan and then replaced a partial rear roof section from a '65 El Camino. I fabricated B-pillars and did most of the rear interior fabrication from scratch. I hand-fabricated the entire bed from modified El Camino parts. Blah, blah, blah, etc., too much to describe. I told you it would be boring.

The drivetrain is a, plain everybody-has-one, GMPP 290hp crate 350 with vintage Cal Custom air cleaner and valve covers to make it look fast. It's backed by a built aluminum Powerglide. Front clip is TCI sub-frame.

"Zackly" is a nickname from my past. People used to say they had a car zackly like whatever one I was driving at the time. If I had one zackly like the No Camino [neither Nova nor El Camino], I think I could have saved a little time. See ya in da streets.

Photos by Richard Crooker - 03/15/08

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