Mike Thompson, IHRA top Sportsman champion

A first-time champion at age 64

Mike Thompson knows a thing or two about winning. At 64 years of age, Thompson has won some big races and managed to do some incredible things in a career that spans over 30 years behind the wheel. But at 64 years of age, Thompson also knows that his opportunities to keep winning are slowly dwindling.

And that is why his win at the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Tournament of Champions in Memphis means more than usual as Thompson collected the biggest prize in the sport all while sharing in the moment with all his friends and peers on a cool evening in October.

“I am 64 and the reality is I might not have a chance to do this again,” Thompson said. “That is what makes this win mean so much to me. Certainly it means a lot to the boys that own this car, but for me, who knows how long I will keep doing this. That makes this win really special.”