Gettin’ Down on G Street

The crew at Chris Alston’s Chassisworks had this almost completed “g-Street” ‘69 Camaro at the 2013 PRI Show. We noticed that the mock-up engine was a supercharged LS-6 Chevy. Looks like it could be a drag car to us.

1969 Camaro prototype from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks

Chris Alston and the company he founded have a great reputation for designing and building components designed to help convert your street beater into a racecar or make your current racecar better. The company also has designed and built components and chassis for virtually kind of doorslammer from an NHRA Pro Stocker to an NMCA street class car. Now taking the next step Alston has introduced a 1967-69 Camaro designed and built at Chris Alston’s Chassisworks in Sacramento, Calif., specifically as a state-of-the-art street cruiser or Pro Touring as they are called.

But when we started looking at the prototype car at the 2013 PRI Show we realized that the car could easily be the ultimate street-legal serious drag car.

In the past there have been many cars built to be a Pro Touring car with the appropriate suspension but weren’t really designed to seriously drag race. Chris Alston’s newest Chassisworks project is a custom built turn-key street, track or strip racer he has named g-Street.