Volume II, Issue 6, Page 14

Danny Auman literally stopped traffic 15 years ago when he realized this 1966 Chevrolet C-10 was for sale.

“I ran across the truck when I used to see it sitting out in front of foreign car parts place every day,” says Auman, a transport driver for Southeastern Freight Lines. “Then I noticed the guy putting a ‘For Sale’ sign on it one day when I was driving by for work, so I immediately turned the tractor-trailer around and probably made more than a couple of people mad.”

Auman recalls the C-10 being remarkably well preserved, especially for a work truck, and well worth the $6,000 it took to park it in his High Point, NC, driveway. “It was kind of a steep price back then, but it was in really good shape,” he says. “I didn’t do anything to the truck at all and I drove it every single day; it was my daily driver for years and I used it to haul a little bit of everything. It was a really dependable truck that I wasn’t scared to drive anywhere.”

That’s all changed now as about the only thing that might go in the custom-built bed is a pair of lawn chairs and a cooler for Auman and his wife, Donna, as they attend various car shows about the Southeast. And since swapping out the original 327 and three-on-the-tree for a new GMPP ZZ502 crate engine and Turbo 400 about five years ago, the truck has traveled just a little over 900 miles.

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