Volume II, Issue 9, Page 49
Words and photos by Ro McGonegal            09/14/07

Trent and Leigh Scull’s vintage volunteer, circa 1958

Randy McGehee, this car’s creator, took me for a spin in it more than a year ago on a cold, rainy Memphis afternoon. Though the road was running wet, he had no hesitation about throwing it into a turn at maybe 6/10ths, twirling that big ol’ stock steering wheel like he hadn’t a care. My butt puckered, but the Corvette grabbed on like an octopus. On the other side of the turn, he hammered the loud pedal, pegged the tach in Third, wound out Fourth, and finally plugged in Fifth when we were going way too fast to not to go to jail.

He looked over at me with a smile. “She’s got real good legs, huh?” I thought the car was exemplary, way too good for its own good. Other than the longer stick on the six-speed, the Corvette’s interior was absolutely the image of its original self. Nothing, not a thing in there that would give up its real identity. If we’d tried that stuff in a stock unit, there would have been hair and eyeballs all over the highway.

A good driver is always the key but good driver or not, poking the snot out of a donkey cart in those conditions is like putting a loaded .38 to your head, spinning the cylinder and pulling the trigger. Only the Corvette isn’t a relic. It has a very keen edge thanks to modern upgrades that don’t compromise its classic features in the least.

Trent and Leigh Scull wanted those attributes in a car that they could drive every day. Randy used his experience as the caretaker/restorer of Jimmy Dobbs’ Motorsports Collection, a considerable and eclectic fleet of rolling history that ranges from limited-production vintage racers to ‘60s musclecars to heavy-money Pre-WWII saloons and the occasional oddity worth millions. Dobbs likes to drive most of his stuff as well as look at it. Randy was quite able to satisfy Jimmy’s lust for perfection but didn’t particularly care for his eternally rigorous schedule.