Volume III, Issue 6, Page 23

Photo Above: Marc’s Z28 hangs low to the ground and looks threatening. We love the stock looking front end complete with “hidden” headlights, grille and fog lights. 

By Jeff Burk - Photos by Jeff Burk and Bret Kepner - 06/17/08

here are a lot of sanctioning bodies in drag racing and there are a lot of presidents in charge of those sanctioning bodies. Currently only one of those presidents has a competitive race car that is legal for racing within their own series. Good Guys’ major domo Marc Meadors and his brand new Pro Street/Pro Mod supercharged Camaro is the subject of this month’s Max Chevy car feature.

Meadors has always been a racer as well as the president of the Goodguys Association.  He's had a couple of race cars over the years and even made some laps in the old nitro-burning “Speed Sport” roadster “a couple” of years back.
So it was fitting that when he decided to build a new car it would be a copy of an iconic muscle car, a big-block ‘69 Camaro.

Note the aero package on the side. The only two things that hint that this is a bad fast Pro Streeter is the Top Fuel-style wing that keeps plenty of downforce on the 34.5X17X16 Goodyears and the Pro Stock-style wheelie bars. The wheelbase measures out at 112 inches.  Goodyear rubber is on all four corners with Weld wheels up front and American’s on the rear.  Brakes, axles, spool and front shocks are Strange Engineering.