Volume III, Issue 7, Page 41
Words by John Carollo - Photos by Buddy Scoville - 07/16/08

"It’s like that car was haunting me. It kept saying ‘take me home.’"

The restoration was complete right down to the inspection stamp on the firewall

ill and Darlene Brisley were happily enjoying their Georgia vacation when it all began. Bill, being the car guy he is, and worse yet, being the ’57 Chevy guy he is, bought some of the local, cars-for-sale newspapers. He wasn’t really shopping as much as just looking to see what was going on locally. But he soon noticed a pattern. It seemed like every issue he opened had this max-clean ’57 drop top in it. And it was looking right at him. Bill says, “It’s like that car was haunting me. It kept saying ‘take me home.’” On top of that, there was a very special occasion that was also on Bill’s mind. Darlene was shortly going to celebrate her 57th birthday. The car made it more convenient for them by being parked nearby so they could easily look it over. So they did.

It was one of those deals where the car sold itself. Starting with a great drop top version of the icon, it sported the 283 Power Pack package with single four barrel, Powerglide and dual exhaust. This sweetie was a body-off restoration done in Atlanta using a matching numbers, original panel car. Did you catch that? Matching numbers and original panels! Wars have started over that same lethal combination. It also had all the bling of the era with power brakes, Chevy’s new fangled power steering, pushbutton radio, manual angle antenna, factory fender skirts and the somewhat rare black rag top instead of the usual white. The interior further beckoned to the Brisleys with its striking silver and red panels. It was love at first sight and Happy Birthday, baby!