Just your ordinary wheel-standing Milwaukee street geezer

When we did Pat Spangenberg’s Panzer Imp last month at the suggestion of 10-Wide Video producer Brian Hansen, we’d inadvertently uncovered a tip of a small iceberg, or so it would seem. Spangenberg’s heavy in a shock troop squad of nitrous addicts. Their credo: Run fast. Period. And if your car looks like a piece of shit, all the better, were stealth the real issue. Shape of car is secondary and immaterial. It’s only credentials are that it must flat fly in spite of self-imposed mechanical limits and that it be completely street legal for Wisconsin concrete.

Paul Tadin and his shiny black ’67 Chevelle are troopers, been hanging with a crew of like-minded “enthusiasts” at Spangenberg’s Rod & Competition (Butler, Wisconsin) for many a long year. Tadin’s 50 but most of the guys in the night crawler squad are not that experienced. What they do with their cars is none of our business but we know they conduct it with the utmost in safety in mind. Gnarly confrontations often wind up at Da Grove or Great lakes or someplace like it, ambulance and medics in tow.

Paul couldn’t abide a beat-up body. His Chevelle is a pin-neat beauty with creases sharp as a blade. He had Rod & Comp in on the nuts and bolts deal. Steve Balzer helped him do the body work and the paint. Cosmetics are a distant second to the car’s real purpose: be driven to the track, run freaking eight’s, and roll back home in one piece. Looks don’t count. Period. Stock suspension is mandatory as is a full exhaust system. Tadin’s car is also unnatural, so quiet you can hear the lifters tick. Toxic stuff is vented through four mufflers and a three-and-a half inch system that insure muff’s da woid. When Tadin stands on it and when the juice is injected, all the mufflers in the world aren’t able to quell the bellow.

According to Pat and Paul, the whole thing about their cars is having fun and making a little noise in a climate that’s been much too reluctant to let it hang out lately. Here’s a gathering of likeminded noggins that spent their entire formative years inhaling, absorbing, eating unburned hydrocarbons. Whatever the chemistry, it can’t ever be undone.