Super-T Monte Carlo

John Sposoto is a big man with big ideas that he has executed very well on his 1986 T-Top Monte Carlo. He bought it brand new in California so it is a rust-free car that is on blocks and garaged all winter and stays inside any time the weather gets bad. (I’m the same way with my hot-rodded El Camino; it is a fair-weather car and rust free since it came from the dry part of East Texas.)

John Sposato owns one of the nicest 1986 Monte Carlos I’ve seen and he keeps upgrading it. This is what I call a true Hot Rod, because it still looks like a Monte Carlo, but if you don’t look close you’ll have no idea just how nice it really is.
John served a 10-year stint in the US Navy and while he there he was able to grab an Industrial Engineering Degree from the University of the Pacific. Today he is the Industrial Engineering Supervisor responsible for the installation of capital purchases such as new machines for his company at six different locations. His company makes human chassis replacement parts and their production is done in a “Space Capsule” type environment.

To say his work keeps him busy would be a gross understatement, so he uses his car fetish to unwind. 

This T-top Monte is really something special as it is a “G-body” - GM built “Uber-Car”.  Actually it is John’s work on the engine, transmission and differential / axle housing. And, of course the suspension and interior that makes it so special. Basically this is a car many people will lust after; his work is so well done it looks like a car that came out of a “Pro-Shop”