(Ed O'Connell photo)


What does it sound like? For some, roaring tempests, crackling firestorms, bomb blasts, or even trumpets. For Dave Evans and Andy Bennett of Never Again Racing, Doomsday sounds an awful lot like a big block Chevrolet.

Their garage, The Bomb Shelter, can be found in a sleepy town in northern England. The name may sound like something from Mad Max, but Dave and Andy know their cars. Twelve years ago, the pair were involved with the Hot Rod Gazette in York, but their interests aren’t just literary. Indeed, the love they’ve shown for Impalas might raise a few eyebrows; Dave not only restored a beautiful ’65 Impala SS, he sacrificed for the cause and lived on little more than bread and water for the years it took to bring the car back to life. Devotion begets devotion, and so Andy set his sights on a great ’68 Impala SS 427, a very rare (and nicely optioned) full size muscle car. The sheer amount of hard-won knowledge and experience earned from the project soon had Andy the avowed UK authority on 1968 Impalas.