In The Green - Michael Hutchinson's 1963 Chevy II Nover

Words by Clifford Tunnell
Photos courtesy Michael Hutchison

“I have a passion for these cars that I got from my Dad.”

The car isn’t the story.

Don’t be mistaken, it’s a very nice car. Mike Hutchison’s father had always been a car guy, even when he was young. Many cars passed through his hands over the years: Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, and more, and he was actively restoring cars as long as he could. It’s no wonder then, that the car bug bit Mike too. No wonder also that, when Mike and his dad needed to reconnect, it was
a car project that did the trick. Mike and his dad worked together on a silver ’70 Nova, but when his father was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to continue the work as he battled it, Mike took over the project for both of them. He still has the car.

When a friend, Jimmy Campbell, found himself in over his head on a resto project in 2003, he started shopping it around, trying
to find someone willing to take it on. Mike took a look at the ’63 Chevy II Nova and said yes. Nine hundred dollars later, he
                                                      began to wonder what he’d gotten himself into. This wasn’t going to be a simple operation.
                                                             Five years later, though, the operation was done. The results you can see for yourself.