Q. How do you make a small block, 360”Chevy, run 9.90” at 136 MPH to run in the 10.0 sec bracket class?

A. Give Bill Cureton a call and ask him how he does it in his 1982 Camaro, with a full interior, no electronics and just 360 CI.

Ok, I’ve already given away the story and the performance, but this feature is just getting started. The starting point is always the “human” factor that loves and cherishes the car. Without the human input it would just be a bundle of parts that may or may not work well together. I’ve seen many almost stock engines beat far bigger competition because of the smart engineering of factory parts and even better engineering of the total “Package” it’s human developed.

Two good examples of this were the Late Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins and The Reher –Morrison crew and the incredible small blocks they built in their heyday. They started with the little mice before rodents and kicked butt all the time. It was never about expensive components, it was about the right combination of stock and aftermarket components that worked.