Few cars produced in the last 25 years made as big a splash in competition or the hearts of Chevy Fans as this Aerocoupe model released in 1986 to satisfy NASCAR requirements. There were just two years of this model on NASCAR racetracks because the G-body went out of production in 1987. (Except for the 445 El Caminos from Mexico.)

Computer Doctor’s Aerocoupe

Ben Dawson is a young 50 year old that retired from being an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in New York City and started up his own computer business. Today he has a handful of great accounts and more are signing up all the time. He is known as the “PC Surgeon” and he, along with his staff, have made this business respected and the go-to guys when everything goes belly up. (I guess they would say, “Crashed, but as a car guy I do find that word to be in poor taste.”)

This rear window is what made the Aerocoupe so special. Chevrolet didn’t have a mid-size vehicle with good enough aerodynamics to fight off the other brands. But, by kicking out the bottom of the rear window close to two feet, it made air flow over the body smoothly and the tail spoiler more effective. It made these coupe’s competitive to the point that during their two years of competition in NASCAR they were the leading brand when it came to getting into the winners circle.

In my opinion Ben is, at the very least, close to being a genius in the electrical and electronic world and much of his knowledge is highly visible in his “Monte”. Before this car Ben had a regular “G-body” SS Monte Carlo, but what he really wanted was the “Full Monte” G-body, so it had to be an Aerocoupe. He quickly sold his elegant 1987 Notchback so he could buy this one. His comments were: “ I love everything about the Aerocoupe with the kicked-out rear window so I had to have one.”

This prelude is to make sure you understand the knowledge this man has brought to his 1987 Monte Carlo “SS Aerocoupe”. The original 1986 was a very short model run created to legalize the body for NASCAR competition. For your information, there were only 200 SS Aerocoupe cars made in 1986 and for ’87 just 6,052 were built. Ben is happy he bought an ’87 instead of an ’86. Why? Ben said it this way, “There were just 200 1986 Aerocoupes made and to modify one, being so rare, would be a sin”. 

Let’s get right to the features and electronics on Ben’s “Full Monte”. To begin with, this car’s motor is a crate ZZ 502 ci with a date code of 2007. It already had the 502” and built TH 400 transmission installed when Ben bought it and was a great canvas for Ben to begin creating from.