These fake side louvers, right before the rear wheels add a touch of intrigue to the sides of the car. A nice, modest styling element that pays an important part of the overall design of the car

Now, back to this tribute Yenko Camaro. The 427 inside has a casting code for a COPO Camaro #3963512 with the factory 427 engines sporting 425 hp. This engine is the right engine block for the Yenko, but it is simply a 1969 COPO block and heads. I don’t think the Brodix intake manifold is correct for this year of Camaro, as a matter of fact I don’t think Chevrolet has ever gone to outside vendors for Hi-Po heads or intake manifolds, but I haven’t verified this.

I am jealous of Gary because his Camaro is such a nice car and the restoration was done really well. Gary doesn’t have too much information on the car, but it is a nice one. It is quite stock with the exception of “Edelbrock” aluminum heads, a Demon 850 cfm carburetor, high rise Brodix intake manifold, Hays clutch, Holley HP mechanical fuel pump, one high volume fuel filter and not much else. The transmission is an original M22 “Rock Crusher” 4-speed, restored to pristine condition and it shifts like it has slick shifted synchronizers. (Look these up in Car Craft or Hot Rod from the 1968-69 issues.)

These “Torque Thrust” design 15” aftermarket wheels were the most popular wheels for this car in 1969 and still are today. Simply still bitchin.