The first car to receive the Factory Cowl Induction air scoop was the 1968 Camaro but it wasn’t the last. Hot rodders have used this type of scoop on many cars.

Gary’s car runs only 93 octane juice, because the engine cylinder pressure is statically above 130 PSI on a warm engine. That tells me it still has high compression pistons and with the Edelbrock heads it stayed that way. This original cowl hood scoop is built into the stock sheet metal with a vacuum valve flapper that opens and closes it based upon throttle pressure. Step hard on the loud pedal and the inlet door slams open instantly.

Two horns were front mounted to be louder to anything in front. Note also the aftermarket aluminum radiator overflow bottle.

The suspension has been upgraded with the addition of a Hotchkiss handling kit and that kit included: four new Gas Charged HP shocks, new sway bars front and rear. But; the shocks look stock so nobody knows from the outside except for their color. Gary tells me that the suspension really works well and gets around corners like it was set up for killing cones or getting around corners on track day.