A see through fuel filter is always a good idea on any car if it uses  a system with less than 25psi pressure.

The intake manifold is by Brodix and the Demon on top is an 850 cfm model. Please note; this car has a 140 MPH speedo and with the right gears and lowered nose it should be able to achieve that number. I just wouldn’t want to get caught doing that number by our brothers of the HP (Highway Police).

The car is “Hugger Orange” an original 1969 color, but I wouldn’t bet it hasn”t been painted. I wasn’t able to get a shot of the build code plate so I do not know what is stock or was added to it later. Regardless of my error, I would bet most everything on that car except for the Brodix, Demon, Hotchkis and Edelbrock parts are just what should be on installed.

Gary bought this Jewel “as-is” and regardless of its origin it is a beautiful car.