Volume III, Issue 1, Page 38

On the highway, the ‘Bu gives back taut but unobtrusive ride quality, one that instills confidence and trust, one that you’ll know will take care of you when you thrust it unexpectedly into a monster turn.  Even with more than 60 percent of its weight over the front wheels, the ‘Bu doesn’t plow, doesn’t even squeal a tire on tight maneuvers and quick switchbacks. The steering is precise if a bit numb and the rear fluidly follows the front--no scrubbing, no squalling rubber.  Got decent mechanicals here, a “5-link” (1 trailing link, 2 lateral links, 1 toe control link per side) independent rear suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, 18-inch rubber, and a yen for blood.

The brakes are medium-size, could be an inch larger all around, but they work well, at least for the three aggravated back-to-back stops, they began to fade out. Anybody but a hard core racer will deem them more than worthy. Pedal feel is linear and positive.

On the other end of the stick, the throttle is apt to be abused. Under the whip, the engine climbs swiftly and makes all the right noises. Credit the VVT for most of that flexibility. Indeed, the tires squall nicely when you leave the stop light hotfoot-like and the engine continues to pull hard deep into the upper gear ranges.

We had the ‘Bu for a two-week stint and drove the wheels off it. It never failed to accommodate or exhilarate. That VVT makes the 24-valve V6 like two separate engines in the same cylinder case.

The hum-drum 3.6 waddles around town with a vengeance, but when the whip goes down, it squats and rips one off just like that. Good, strong, satisfying throttle response is paired with willing ancillaries that never fail to go beyond expectation. Just when you thought there was nothing left, there it is.     





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