Volume I, Issue 5, Page 22

Targeted rust removal with Orison’s Evapo-Rust

Thirty-nine years of engine heat and moisture had taken their toll on our little choke actuator. Any factory coatings or plating had long ago been replaced by a thick coating of rust.

Rust is the nemesis of all classic cars. If left unchecked, it will spread like cancer and destroy precious and often irreplaceable parts. In the past, rust removal involved harsh abrasives or caustic acids, which could ruin delicate parts, but Orison Marketing has created a better way with its amazingly effective Evapo-Rust treatment.

All we did to prepare the choke for cleaning was spray it off with a degreaser to make sure the Evapo-Rust could get to every surface. We filled a small plastic tub with Evapo-Rust and dropped in the actuator.

It’s important to completely submerge the rusty part in Evapo-Rust because anything left uncovered wont be treated.

Developed to remove rust from military fighting vehicles, Evapo-Rust is simple to use, powerful, and completely non-toxic. It targets and removes only the rust, leaving clean metal and other finishes untouched. The chemical compounds do all of the work with no wire brushing or sand blasting required. These characteristics make it a great solution for repairing rare or irreplaceable parts.

Monday morning and the actuator is just about done. You can tell the Evapo-Rust is working because it turns black as the chemical reaction takes place. It can be reused until the whole batch turns black.

After removing the actuator from the Evapo-Rust we wiped the part dry with a rag and used an air hose to blow-dry the temperature coil. Evapo-Rust prevents rust, so don’t rinse or clean your part until you are ready to refinish it.

We had this big-block thermostatic choke mechanism that we needed to restore. These things are delicate, precise, and virtually impossible to find. We were dreading trying to remove the rust with conventional methods. Fortunately for us, with Evapo-Rust it was a simple task. All we needed was a plastic tub big enough for our rusty part, and some time to let the stuff work. We left our choke actuator to sit over the weekend, and by Monday morning it was completely de-rusted. The remaining cleaner in the tub was still good so we poured it back into the bottle to reuse. 

Here is the moment of truth, without so much as a toothbrush scrubbing, our choke actuator is restored to working condition. Once the part is cleaned we can spray it with a little high-temp paint to prevent future corrosion. 

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