Volume I, Issue 1, Page 55

Words and Photos by Bob McClurg
Superchips’ new handheld, fully programmable MAX MicroTuner was designed to improve your late-model GM light-duty truck or car’s performance whether it be for pure performance, towing or economy. The tuner functions as a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) analyzer, and the unit can also program in changes in gear ratio and rev limiter settings, as well as wheel and tire upgrades.
Establishing an accurate baseline is paramount when testing any new product, especially one having to do with performance-enhancing tricky electronic engine programming to establish overall product credibility. Here we see one of Superchips’ dyno technicians putting this 2004 Corvette LS1, which is factory rated to produce 350 HP (@5,000 RPM) and 350 lb/ft @ 4,400 RPM through its paces. Using the stock program, the ‘Vette cranked out 280 RWHP around 5500 RPM, and 285 lb/ft of rear wheel torque @ 4500 RPM!

In this day of 100 percent electronically managed automobiles, a whole new “do-it-yourself” electronic tuner segment of the high-performance automotive aftermarket has emerged. And moving right along in order to help perpetuate this growing trend is Superchips Inc., a long-standing leader in the high-performance automotive software industry.

The MAX MicroTuner is not one of those specially programmed aftermarket performance microchips from the late ‘80s that you plug into the port of your computer to enhance either performance and/or economy.  Likewise, the MAX MicroTuner isn’t a “plug and play” in-line performance program designed to fool your car’s engine management system into thinking that it is operating within certain parameters outside the existing factory engine management systems program.

Rather, Superchips’ newly introduced line of portable hand-held MAX MicroTuners are dedicated, “code-locked” electronic tuner tools which provides the end user with the ability to either troubleshoot and/or diagnose potential problems within your GM vehicle’s computer system using its “Diagnostic Trouble Code” (DTC) feature, as well as re-program your GM car or truck’s OBDII engine processor at the operator’s discretion using a number of custom-tuned and optimized performance, towing, or economy programs. And, since the line of MAX MicroTuners comes with its own data storage feature, you can save and reload the stock OE program files at will.

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