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That Is Non-Toxic, Non-Abrasive and Easy-To-Use!

With the ashtrays back in the car there is no trace of the rusty disgrace of just a few days before. Now the inside of the doors look just like they did when they left the factory.

Rust is a problem that every car enthusiast is familiar with. Whether it’s a rusty interior trim piece or a rotted floor panel, all of us have confronted rust at some point during a restoration or custom car buildup. Usually the solution to rust involves an abrasive, lots of time and further damage to the part (or finding a new or reproduced piece). This is particularly bothersome when the shape or size of the part makes sanding or media blasting impractical. Thankfully there is now a better option.

GM A-body ashtrays are known to rust easily and this set was no exception. The rust had eaten through the plated finish not only inside the ashtrays but on the outside as well. Cleaning this out with a wire brush was not an option with that tab in the way.
Our ashtrays were clean other then the rust but any oil or caked on dirt needs to be removed for the cleaner to work. We placed the ashtrays in a plastic cup and poured in enough Evapo-Rust to completely submerse the ashtrays. No stirring or scrubbing is required.

Orison’s Evapo-Rust is a non-toxic, non-acidic, non-abrasive rust remover that gets the job done in quick time with no mess. Used widely by the military to combat corrosion in fighting vehicles, it requires no special equipment to apply or handle and no scrubbing or agitation to remove rust. These characteristics make it a great solution for repairing rare or irreplaceable parts.

Here you can see the rust on the side of the ashtray. If we had tried to remove the rush with an abrasive, it would have damaged the finish on the rest of the part. Evapo-Rust only affects rust so the clean metal under and around the corrosion is left untouched.

Midway through the process and the rust is mostly gone. The Evapo-Rust turns black as it becomes depleted, but until the whole batch turns black it can still be reused.

All clean and just like brand new. Since no one will be smoking in this car we used a couple light coats of a good clear enamel to prevent future rust. You can see how the Evapo-Rust removed the rust on the outside of the ashtrays but left the rest of the finish unharmed. This is particularly important for rare or irreplaceable parts.

Applying Evapo-Rust couldn’t be much easier. All we needed was a plastic tub big enough for our rusty items, in this case some rear armrest ashtrays common in muscle cars and classics from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, and some time to let the stuff work. We let donor ashtrays sit overnight submersed in Evapo-Rust and they were clean by the next afternoon.

The only cleanup required was a quick rinse in the sink to clean off the depleted Evapo-Rust. The remaining cleaner in the tub was still good so we poured it back into the bottle to reuse. Amazing as it sounds, it worked that simply. To see what we did, check out our step-by-step pictorial instructions and start thinking about all those little parts you could clean the same way.  

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