Volume I, Issue 4, Page 45

Charlie Mornmot’s ’73 Corvette is not stock and features a complete 2002 Corvette LS1 drive train. For all intents and purposes, this Corvette is a 2002 with all the standard computer hardware as well.


How can you make your Corvette perform better, run cooler, shift harder and get better fuel mileage?  How about reprogramming the computer?  But don’t be scared, its easy to do and with the new computer programmer systems

available these days, if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can put it back to the factory specs just as easily.

FAST’s new Flash programmer makes it simple to change critical performance, mileage and shifting parameters of your car’s engine and transmission. The FAST-Flash features a liquid crystal display that guides you through the programming with questions referencing timing, transmission shift points, cooling system fan start and many others. 

It’s a fail-safe unit that allows you to modify these important computer systems without losing your original state of tune.

The FAST-FLASH computer programmer connects to the standard Corvette computer diagnostic plug, which in the case of Charlie’s Corvette was on the right side of the dashboard.

Our test installation took place on Charlie Mornmot’s highly modified ‘73 Corvette The classic machine features a transplanted ‘02 LS1 engine and 4L60E transmission. While the wrapper may have been a bit unique, Charlie’s Corvette was basically a 2002 Corvette in all other regards – most notably in the computer department.

The only real performance change from a stock C5 Corvette was the installation of the factory original style ’68-69 side exhausts.

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