Volume I, Issue 4, Page 40


A New Steering Wheel Is A Good -- And Easy -- Upgrade

Believe it or not, this is an old Grant wheel that has been wrapped in red leather years ago. It was a little rough and definitely the wrong color for the Camaro’s blue interior.

The steering wheel and dashboard are the two items in your Chevy that you see constantly while driving. They just won’t get out of your way. Since you’re the captive audience of these parts, it stands to reason that these two components of your ride should look as cool as possible. When it comes to the dash, there are numerous ways to customize and restore. This provides us here at MaxChevy a myriad of story ideas that we will do in the coming months.

The Grant three-spoke wheel will be a beautiful addition to this vehicle. It comes with everything necessary for a simple installation and includes easy to follow printed instructions. Before starting, disconnect the battery and make sure the front wheels are straight.

This is the original horn contact ring with the pressure spring beneath it. After removing the steering wheel, this is one of the first parts you’ll find. Carefully remove it with out damage.

The mounting hub that is included in the installation kit is now fitted over the original horn contact and both will now be installed over the spring and onto the steering shaft.

Notice the small notch in the steering shaft just above the threads, and the small arrow and TOP on the Grant mounting hub. Lining up both of these indicators will insure the steering wheel and front wheels will be straight.

As for the steering wheel, we’re regulated to it being round and large enough to allow the driver to turn the front wheels. Of course, there are different styles, such as billet, rubber, plastic and wood, but all in all, the installation is pretty much the same procedure. So to get a look at what it takes to change to a new steering wheel, we followed a Grant Products upgrade, which was being installed in a restomod ’67 Camaro convertible. The owner always envied the later-model factory Rosewood steering wheel, which was optionally available, and decided to find an attractive substitute. This new three-spoke beauty (#973, 14.5-inch diameter, 3-inch dish) from Grant Products was the choice. It replicates the style and design of the original, and provides a great look and feel while cruising.

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