Volume I, Issue 5, Page 29


Install A Nitrous System And Hold On!

Big inch power with a relatively small-inch motor? You bet!

Our 377-iinch stroker is ready for a good day of thrashing. This little Mouse would prove to be up to the task.

When it comes to Chevy performance engines most enthusiasts today immediately focus on building the biggest displacement model they can afford. But do you really need 400+ cubic inches to make eye-opening power? With all of the power adders on the market today, we reasoned that it’s not always the smartest move to build a gas-guzzling, hard-to-manage big-inch powerplant just to get 500 or so ponies. To give you an example of what we’re talking about we set out to assemble a 377-inch Mouse motor, using good parts, with the intention of adding a basic nitrous system to see just how much power the laughing gas might produce.

Feeding our fuel hungry powerplant is a 950-cfm Holley Ultra HP carb (part # 0-80676). We found the 950 to work best right out of the box.

We removed our 1” spacer to install the 5/8” Big Shot nitrous plate. Longer studs are supplied in the kit for a typical installation, but with the removal of our spacer they were not required.

Note the screen in this particular inlet fitting. This screen catches potential trash that could plug the nitrous solenoid, or worse, hang it open.

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