By Cam Benty - 12/15/2006
Our 2002 Chevy Duramax truck was just beginning to hit its prime at 72,000 miles. Well maintained throughout its life, the amazing diesel was about to get a shot in the injectors with a new ZEX Diesel Nitrous System. The amazing strength of the diesel engine block components, because of the engine’s style of combustion, makes it a perfect candidate for nitrous oxide injection.

It would seem to be an odd combination – nitrous oxide and diesel.  One product synonymous with  high-performance, the other known for more traditional work duties where supreme torque, power and durability are desired. But more and more diesel truck owners are asking their trucks to do more than tow the family boat , they are asking them to perform. In keeping with the trend, more diesel-powered trucks are running nitrous oxide to wake up the performance and make them faster.


The ZEX Diesel Nitrous System includes everything you need for installation including big things like the nitrous bottle and electronic programmable control module and little things like wire ties and hardware to make for a professional final appearance.