Volume II, Issue 8, Page 35
Owner Mark Harlan discusses the concept with ASC’s Brian Gagye.


Stretching the deck and closing it in

Though it’s no where near crunch time yet, the V7 project is quickly acquiring definition as well as a definitive style. This month, American Super Car lays down the ‘glass, repositions the backlight, and lengthens the “hatch” (which will actually be a hinged segment that opens to the rear clamshell-style for access to the engine and drivetrain). MaxChevy will show you more of this madness in two weeks as part of our usual bi-monthly V7 TwinTurbo update.

The boys get ready. Original backlight and an original part of the lower deck sections will be blended with the new construction.

This is the installation mock-up immediately prior to the bonding session.

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