Volume III, Issue 10, Page 28
Unlike the LS3-based 376, the 454 was developed specifically for use with carbureted intake system.

Though these bad dads won’t be officially introduced until next month at SEMA, you get a look at them now. They are first crate engines based on the LSX Bowtie block: the LSX376 and LSX454.  They are built with premium components that exceed the capabilities of production-based parts and are manufactured to GM production engine standards. As even the meager LS1 cast-parts crate engine is capable of withstanding more abuse than a whipping boy, these motors should last but forever. They’re the first LSX-based crate engines and only hint at the unlimited possibilities of the LSX portfolio. 


The LSX376 (PN 19171049) is an affordable performer that combines the economical and strong LSX Bowtie block with the production LS3 engine’s high-flow, L92-style cylinder heads and camshaft. Unique, forged-aluminum LSX pistons also are part of the assembly. When fitted with a production LS3 intake manifold and injection system, the LSX376 is capable of producing approximately 450 horsepower and 430lb-ft of torque. It can also be fitted with a GMPP carbureted induction system that can be tuned for greater power.


This new crate engine (PN 19166972) revives a classic Chevy engine designation and brings it to the LSX engine family. Aside from the LSX block, it carries an all-forged, rotating assembly, GMPP’s six-bolt cylinder heads, and is topped with a high-rise intake manifold and four-barrel carburetor. Its six-bolt heads are based on the racing-derived LS7 heads that help deliver more than 500 horsepower in the Corvette Z06. The LSX454 is rated at 620 horsepower and 600lb-ft of torque.

The LSX454 is delivered in Deluxe form, which means it includes everything from the carburetor to the water pump. It also comes dressed with great-looking, all-new orange powder-coated valve covers with “LSX454” logos.

The 454 gets a sturdy 4.125-inch forged crankshaft. Note filleted journal edges. Nice piece.