Volume III, Issue 12, Page 1

Gotcha covered!

Driving a pickup truck is a necessity for me.  I’ve owned or driven just about every domestic and an import pickup at one time or another, both two and four wheelers. 

Adding wheels and tires is usually the first improvement along with tinting the windows.  Back when stealth 4-wheelers were the rage, adding roll bars, a grill guard, driving lights, skid plates and wheel flares were mandatory, even if we only drove them off the pavement far less than one percent of the time.

In today’s small pickup truck world, security is more important than ever and that gaping six- or eight-foot cargo bed behind the cab carries a lot of your stuff that passers by might want to get their hands on.  This isn’t a concern for most truck owners.  When parking and leaving your vehicle unattended, simply remove the good stuff and lock it up in the cab.  But unfortunately there will be a couple of items in the bed just too heavy, too wide or too greasy to fit onto your cool upholstery in the cab for lock up.

Coming up with a way to secure the entire truck bed with your stuff inside has always been an issue; stowing those unsightly security chains and padlocks are a real pain.  So, when the opportunity came to try out a custom tonneau cover, it at first seemed like an unnecessary oddity since none of the trucks I’d ever driven had a secure bed.

When looking at custom fit aftermarket tonneau covers my first question was how hard was it to store when it wasn’t needed?  There are a lot of designs that have been developed by manufacturers that will fold up, lift off, roll up and slide, but that kind of cover looks more like it might have been an afterthought.  Upon closer inspection some of those designs also aren’t as secure as the molded fiberglass kind.

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