Volume III, Issue 12, Page 25

The Dominator Carburetor Vibration Isolators are installed between the manifold and the carburetor, without gaskets, and add only ¾-inch to the total height.

Damping carb vibration improves fuel curve and increases HP!

It is a proven fact that if you can reduce the vibration affecting the carburetor, it will improve the fuel curve and increase horsepower. Harmful vibrations cause erratic operation of the needles and seats, and aerate the fuel in the bowls.

Eliminating these disturbances will deliver a more consistent supply of fuel through the jets. A more stable fuel curve is the result. Sheet-metal aluminum intake manifolds are especially difficult to keep from producing excessive detrimental vibrations. There have been several attempts in the last few years, with varying degrees of success, to dampen these inherent jitters. Vibrations, and therefore horsepower, are not controlled by the amount of torque that you use to tighten down the carburetor to the spacer. The unique Real World Race Components Carburetor (RWRC) Vibration Isolator design relies on a ¼-inch thick aluminum plate encapsulated within the special durometer (hardness) rubber base, thereby positively isolating the carburetor from the manifold.

The aluminum retainer ring is bolted directly to the manifold as tightly as needed, and the carburetor is bolted to the internal plate with the proper amount of torque, and the harmonics from the manifold will still be separated from the carburetor. As you can see by the enclosed dynamometer sheets (Charts 1 and 2), Larry Morgan, and Rick Watters of Eaton Racing Engines have been very successful at turning the improved fuel curve into increased horsepower.

Currently, RWRC offers isolators in several different models and more are on the way. The Dominator models come in 2.000-, 2.200-, and 2.400-inch bore sizes. There are also two versions that fit 4150-style carburetors.  The newest 4150 version has a smaller footprint and is being tested by Eaton Racing Engines (Glendale, AZ) on a V6 where there is limited room for the standard 4150 version. Split Dominator, Braswell Split Dominators and Rochester Quadra-Jet parts are on the way.

Racers Larry Morgan, Frank Aragona, V. Gaines, Warren Johnson, John Nobile, Hendricks Motorsports, Eaton Racing Engines, Patterson Racing Engines, Jeff Taylor and a slew of other top performers already know about this item. Note that the greatest gains were realized in the 7,500 to 9,600rpm range. Way past our bedtime!

Avail yourself of the enclosed dynamometer charts showing improvements at critical rpm on this 372ci small-block. Read the notes accompanying the sheets. Direct questions? Call The Ol at the number provided.

Special durometer rubber surface eliminates the need for a gasket when bolting your carburetor to the Carburetor Vibration Isolators.