Volume III, Issue 12, Page 21

Since the engine internals are stock and compression ratio is 11.0:1, boost for the (50-state-legal) STS installation is a mere 5.5psi. Stock ZO6 427 is rated at 505hp and 470lb-ft. This translates to a wheel output of 447hp and 478lb-ft with the Kook’s headers and exhaust system—usually 430 without these enhancements. STS-equipped car with optional intercooler produced 640hp and 635lb-ft at 6,500rpm at the tire. Alcohol injection added another 32 horsepower. Bob Morreale and Richie DeCrane at Precision Motorsports of Florida (www.pm-fl.com) in nearby Odessa did the dyno work and the engine tuning.

Bob Crockford’s got lots of cars; most of them vintage ‘60s iron with upgraded engines, but virtually nothing modern in the suspension. Crock loves to drive ‘em, too. He’s got a fire suit that he sweats the bejeesus out of, and when it’s his time to drop the hammer, he’s more than ready to make that 555-inch alcohol fat-block dragster over in the corner fly. Crock’s got a neat shop set-up for all his minions, too, a place most of us would cheerfully assassinate Snow White for, but his ’08 Victory Red ZO6 stays in the home garage and is closest to him.

The last time we visited Bob, he said he’d probably not touch the Corvette because he had all his other ancient pieces to contemplate. But this guy’s a hot rodder to the core. He couldn’t leave the Corvette alone if his very life depended on it. Like us, its Bob’s feeling that however good the machine runs there’s always room for much (much) more and the ZO6 is a prime example of what car to mess with. It’s basically over-engineered and under-stressed, so it is able to absorb and process a substantial power hit without perspiration.

“As much as I love the old cars, after driving them for so long and then getting behind the wheel of the Corvette, they really feel old,” Bob admitted. “The Corvette surpasses all their qualities in an eye-blink. Compared to the old ones, it is effortless and a real pleasure to drive.”   

As you can see, the intercooler nearly spans the width of the Corvette and reduces air intake temp by at least 100 degrees F.

Why would you want such a device? We’ve been charting the STS rear-mounted twin turbocharger set-up since its introduction in 2003. We eyed the Trans-Am suspiciously and then took it out on Wilshire Boulevard for a test run. Immediately, the car got smoky and we got sideways, thus erasing all doubt about the efficacy of the package.