Volume III, Issue 3, Page 4

Part 7: Painless? No! Painful? No! Worth every minute of work? Absolutely

As you can see from the inspection sticker on the window of El Camino  Nitrouso it was originally an Oklahoma car. When it came to me it looked good and straight on the outside and it is, but inside and under the dash that is another matter.

When I first took possession of the Elk I slid behind the massive steering wheel (which had I left in would have worn a hole in the part of my shirts that cover my belly) the first thing I noticed was that the radio had been deleted from the dash at sometime. So I bent over a peered up underneath the dash and noticed that not only was the radio missing but so was the ducting  for the heater, a speaker, and the wiring for the heater controls. I saw wiring that had many splices and many different colors of wire spliced together and lots of broken wire hanging attached to nothing. In short underneath the dash of the Elk looked like someone had cut the radio, wiring, and controls out using a chain saw.

So if I was going to drive the Elk I soon found I was going to have to re-wire it. I determined that basically after I discovered that flipped the turn signal arm down made the gas tank go to empty and when the flasher did work it made the dash lights –all two of them- flash. I soon discovered thanks to the local constabulary that when I signaled a right turn the left turn signal blinked, the brake lights worked when they felt like it and headlights and running lights were on strike most of the time.

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